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26 April 2006 @ 05:19 pm
Easy sweet sauces for meat  
While I was at the grocery store today they were doing a demo, Hillshire smokies in a sauce that was a bottle of grape jelly (18 oz) and a bottle of the new Tabasco Sweet and Spicy sauce. It tasted good, so I got the ingredients and made it, I used half a bottle of Tabasco Sweet and Spicy sauce and half a jar of jelly. It worked fine.

But that reminded me of my mom's famous sweet and sour meatballs. People *loved* them, and they were just as simple and a whole lot more economical.

She'd make or buy the meatballs ahead of time, then simmer them in a sauce that was 1 cup of catsup, 3 Tb. each vinegar, sugar, worstershire sauce. Yum yum. My uncle always wanted her to make them for every occasion.

I'm lazy. I usually just make up the sauce and serve it over browned ground beef or ground turkey, it's a lot quicker then making meatballs, then serve it sloppy joe style on hamburger buns. I do add things in though, onions, some dry mustard which I use tons of anyway, whatever sounds like it might be good mixed in, and I'll use whatever sweetener I have on hand instead of white sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses.

I love sweet/savory combinations. Anyone else have any quick and easy ideas?

Tonight for dinner I'm making pork chops. I'm not a pork eater so it took me forever to find a way to cook them without using shake and bake that turned out okay and not like hockey pucks. What I'm doing is pouring a bit of olive oil in my skillet, and seasoning them with a seasoning salt, a bit of mustard, and cracked pepper (my family is pepper crazy. Especially my little girl), and searing them on high heat fast on both sides, then I pour in half a can of cherry soda and half a cup of water,turn down the heat and cover it and let it simmer until they are cooked through.
I'm a big believer in keeping it really simple!